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We are three Mothers on a Mission!

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Thank you for joining us in helping change the lives of children, their families and communities, in a part of the world that so desperately needs educational opportunities. 


Through our efforts and your support, we will be able to build a school in a remote village in Honduras and help children realise their dream of learning. 


As three mothers currently educating our own children, we recognise the powerful role a school can play in ending the cycle of poverty, and are proud to have partnered with the Boundless Foundation to raise the funds necessary to build a school in Honduras.


Your donation will be used to nourish and nurture a community, and create opportunities for children who dare to dream of a life bigger than they can currently access. 


The Boundless Foundation's mission is to end generational cycles of scarcity and poverty by building schools that are designed to offer the best possible education, and become a centre for community growth in places where parents and children have had little, if any, hope of going to school. 


It is very important to us that Boundless work together with other organisations in the USA and Honduras, whose commitment is to listen to the people who live in the communities they serve, involving them in the planning and implementation, with a vision to building long term relationships even after schools are built and the students are learning.


Both “The Boundless Academy” and the “Wakefield Sunshine School” have already been built in Honduras and boast perfect attendance. Students who are too young to go to school beg their parents to go to classes with their siblings. 

These children - who had little idea of their potential - are now dreaming of becoming teachers, chefs, fashion designers, doctors and police officers.


Thanks to your generosity, we are changing lives. The impact of the gift you give today will matter for many lifetimes, to many humans who would not have had these opportunities without you. 


We believe this is one of the most beautiful legacy gifts we can give to restore hope into a child's life and help them feel limitless.


Thank you so much for your support.

We look forward to updating you soon with the progress of our school.


With love and appreciation,


Kendall, Sarah and Skye.

Recent Donations

Dave Hayes  $109.00

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