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CEO & founder

Philanthropic advisor and journey guide for conscious leaders, intentional creatives, and high achievers who want to accelerate purpose and allow their free-spirited and adventurous souls to shine by transforming their lives into legacy.

With over 25 years experience as a successful entrepreneur, I am a humanitarian and a social change catalyst.  I propel service-based leaders into their deepest soul-driven passions enabling them to create a life cycle of abundance, generosity, and sustainable impact while also growing their investment portfolios.

I create legacy building experiences that take their heart on a journey, bringing them into full alignment with mind, body, spirit, and career so that the identity of their purpose on earth is clear, and their true gifts of light and unlimited potential of giving are exposed and utilized to protect others and create opportunity in the world.

"If you would like to uncover your true worth, discover why you are here and create a life of significant freedom for yourself and others through legacy impact. Let’s connect now."


500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158

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