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You are the greatest project you will ever work on.

Why choose Boundless?

This space was designed for you to join me online for a journey into your heart to maximize your complete enjoyment and fulfillment through personal growth and soulful self-understanding. Light the fire within you into planned, actionable, and guided steps to transform your life into freedom of lifestyle, total love, and legacy by building your self-worth and net-worth and creating positive change and impact in the world.

What to Expect

You will join me online and may also travel with me to developing countries. You are also invited to join me on magical experiences to private islands and jungle escapes and sit at my table where you belong — with other world changers. Your regular life will create a ripple, improving other people's lives for a lifetime. 

I'm from Las Vegas, a place where there is no shortage of sandstone thanks to Red Rock and

Pursuing the highest, best version of yourself can create a world that is truly boundless.

Boundless Courses and Coaching

Mini Boss Bootcamp

Fluffy Clouds

In this 21-day self paced course, you will create a start-up business plan with a viable service-based business idea. This was created as a prelude to the Level Up Accelerated Business Course. 


Mini Boss Bootcamp is for you if:

  • You have a business idea but are not sure if it is viable

  • You are a little fuzzy on whom your target customer is

  • You need actionable steps to take toward converting your idea into a business


Here’s what you’ll accomplish:

  • Determine if your purpose-driven business is a viable idea

  • Identify your target customer

  • Determine the next steps for starting your business

Expanse: Twenty-one day self study course

Investment: $67

Level Up Accelerated Business Course


In this 90-day self paced course, you will learn everything you need to know to operate a successful, service-based business, including idea inception, serving your customer, social media, networking, marketing, finance, software, strategically making five figures a month and wisely spending your income.


Level Up Academy is for you if: 

  • You have an idea you want to monetize but don’t know where to start

  • You are ready to serve people at your highest capacity with your unique skills and talents

  • You want to build a solid foundation for your business


Here’s the cliff notes version of what you’ll learn:

  • How to offer your services without being pushy 

  • How to start making money and collect with style and grace

  • How to identify and find your ideal client and serve them well

  • How to manage your finances while building your business


Here’s what you’ll receive: 

  • Three ninety-minute, monthly group coaching sessions with Shannon for deeper coaching and support in your entrepreneurial journey

  • Life-long access to Shannon’s twelve-module Level Up Accelerated Business Self Study Course

  • Additional resources and referral solutions in Shannon’s network to help you succeed

Expanse: Ninety-day self study course with support from Shannon

Investment: $2497

The Exchange Masterclasses

White Sand

If you are ready to gain momentum toward your dreams and finally learn the practical steps you can take to co-create your life with intention, then I highly recommend you purchase The Exchange Masterclasses! I created these so you no longer have to navigate the world of co-creating your dream life alone. These are quick pre-recorded sessions to help you continue your growth journey.


The Exchange Masterclasses are for you if:

  • You are ready to gain momentum toward your dreams

  • You are ready to learn practical steps you can take to co-create your life with intention

  • You are ready to live on the energetic frequency to attract your dreams


Here are the classes: 

  • 7 Steps to Goal Planning

  • Dream Boarding

  • Law of Attraction

  • Mindset Reboot


  • Bundle & save - receive all 4 masterclasses: $77

  • Individual masterclass: $27

Becoming Boundless Video Series


In this video series, Shannon interviews fabulous and powerful individuals on how they are living their dreams and a boundless life. As you take this journey with Shannon, you will get to know each one of them. Pay close attention to the tips and advice they share and how they took action and gained clarity from their inner reflections. 


Pop in your AirPods, grab your journal, and pour a cup of wine or tea and let’s get started together.

Investment: $27

Elevated Inner Circle


The Elevated Inner Circle is a safe container for you to experience a fulfilling cycle of your creativity in an intimate small group setting. It is an extension of the courses and programs offered by Boundless and provides continuous support in your journey as an evolving, faithful, purpose-driven entrepreneur. 


Designed and led by Shannon Rizzo, the Elevated Inner Circle will help you continue to elevate your mindset, resources and network as you explore deeper understanding and consciousness in the safety and comfort of your Boundless friends as you continue transforming together. 


The Elevated Inner Circle is for you if:

  • You have been searching for an elevated, like-minded network of service-driven entrepreneurs

  • You are ready to receive high-frequency output that elevates your daily life

  • You are ready to eliminate resistance in your life with confidence and clarity


What you’ll receive: 

  • Monthly ninety-minute meet ups on Zoom led by Shannon

  • Dedicated break-out groups to network with Boundless Alums

  • Access to special offers such as VIP days with Shannon, new course material and early retreat access

Investment: $297 monthly

Image by Josefin

Access the Portal to Your Boundless Future

Why our

You can expect an authentic connection to others and yourself, invaluable growth in mental health, emotional intelligence, daily fitness, tools for expansion, friendships and community to help you become truly boundless.


If you are serious about designing your life and need a strategy to live a life you love, you are in the right place. If you are tired of living your life based on what other people think you should be doing and are ready to find out what YOU want and act on it, join Shannon for a call. See how you can begin your transformational journey.

Schedule a chat to see how you
can work with me this year.

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