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Ascend Summit

Buck Island, British Virgin Islands

Dates Coming Soon

Our first annual private island summit, Boundless, in partnership with Well Fit Human, provides a transformational experience where everything is possible. Join us as we journey into the future with technology experts, master healers, financial wizards and more to create a ripple effect of positive change in the world. 


About Aerial BVI

You belong at our table

You belong at our table

You belong at our table



through genuine



You can expect a peer group of like-minded powerhouses seeking new ways to grow into well-rounded and fit humans. Become impactful resources for good by healing, learning and connecting body to mind through intentional movement. 

Zebra Friends.jpg

The island’s offerings will bring your soul home.


From the zebra and pony rescues to miles of hiking trails, elite water sports, secluded areas for reflection and meditation, island hopping to remote places only accessible by boat, down to the healing food served at every meal, you will begin an inward, healing journey. You will be immersed in nature so you can come home to yourself.  


The elevated experience you have been searching for.


We are love-filled and powerful divine beings with humanitarian hearts. We are global change-makers. We chose The Aerial because it was designed with the focus and intention required to bring together the world's most impactful thought leaders to solve global issues. And so it is. Your personal invitation to join us is here and now.  

Imagine if your dreams are your own real-life experiences,

the people you connect with are your future inner circle of trusted beings,

and you feel truly at home forever…


Turn your dreams into reality.

Your dreams are our dreams. Every little detail has been curated for your journey inward and upward by Shannon Rizzo and Wendy Yates. Together they have served in hurricane relief efforts in Honduras, led incredible transformation journeys in the Dominican Republic and now offer you a seat at the table where they first connected. 


Reserve my seat at the table.


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