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Imagine a life where you are here. You are being called to change the world with us.

Emerge and elevate your human mind, human body, human technology and connect deeply to spirit. Here we are boundless together.


Boundless Courses

Educate yourself with
Boundless Courses

The 21 Day Mini-Boss Bootcamp Accelerate your business start-up! 3 Week Course – Is Your Business Idea Viable? Create a startup business plan (guideline) with a viable service-based business idea in only 21 days with Shannon!

You are being called to help us change the world.

And yes it’s hell when we have to evolve out of a body and life we have so quickly outgrown … it’s time to break free from the cocoon and emerge... and elevate…


Become boundless like the best well fit human.

My new home page.

Join me ...

Image by MJ Tangonan
Beautiful Nature

You deserve to thrive and give Boundless love and support.

Envision the impact of your boundless love and support

Shannon Rizzo

“One day, there's going to be a little girl or a little boy standing on foreign territory, just like me, and starting a school or flying a plane, or doing something that they wouldn't have ever imagined before.

The sense of community that comes from an education is so powerful because through each child that learns, a sense of hope is brought to the whole community — because that child then has the opportunity to spread hope and joy, just through the things that they've learned.”

— Shannon Rizzo, CEO & Founder

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